And I did it anyway

At certain times in my life I've been next to some not so nice people.
I've even been married to a few.
Sometimes they've said some pretty cruel and abusive things.
I've been told that I would never amount to anything.
I've been told that no one would ever want me.
I've been told that I wasn't good enough
or smart enough
or pretty enough
I was told that I was used goods.
I was told I might as well give up
because nothing I tried would ever amount to anything.

And I did it anyway.


Allison said…
And you just keep on "doing it anyway" and don't believe that crap that "you won't amount to anything" --- because you already have!! You have become an incredible woman with incredible children! There is so much more life to live and you will make a lot out of that too!! I believe in YOU!! Always have and always will!!!