My Soap

I'm sitting here listening to two of my favorite girls... one of my best friends since 1986 and my little girl in the kitchen making dinner. Amelia had turned on the puppy dog eyes and said, "Aunt Allison, will you make me your spaghetti? Pleeeeaaaasssse?" After a little debate, Alli couldn't resist and agreed as long as Emma helped her do it.

Now, as I sit here listening in on their conversation, I can't help but giggle because they are so funny together. I have never met anyone as good with kids as Allison. The was she banters with them and the way she laughs so easily at their jokes and the things she says. I am so blessed to be her friend.

When we were teenagers, there is a kind of stupid story about how she kept dropping the soap in my shower when she would spend the night and my parents would get so irritated getting woken up by the loud noise that it made. When she would get out of the shower I would say, "SOAP!" Then she would say it back to me. Pretty soon, we just started calling each other "Soap" and the rest is history. We are still "Soaps" to this day. Silly but charming, kind of like us.

This week there was a situation at the school she teaches at involving a bomb threat. I'm grateful that it turned out to be a false alarm, but it made me realize how much I love her and what a huge piece of my heart would die if something were to happen to her. I left her a message on her facebook wall that day that said, "Love you my Soapie Soap Soap. I'm glad you're my friend and that you are safe. 23 years just isn't long enough to have you in my life. :)" And I meant it. I'm glad that my kids know her and that I now get to live not even 10 minutes away from her. She is a blessing to my life, my heart and to my family and she constantly inspires me to be a better person. I love you Soap! And thanks for the spaghetti! :)


Allison said…
I love you too, Soapie Soap.....more than I ever dreamed possible way back in our aqua net days!!!