Closet watch

I always love looking at other people's blogs when they post closet/cupboard watch pictures. I'm a big voyeuristic dork when it comes to that stuff. I ooh and aah over what kind of cosmetics and lotion they have. I look to see how they have their stuff organized. And I know I can't possibly be the only one, because there's no way that all of those wonderful people who have never met me are posting those pictures just for my sake. So, here is my first set of closet watch pics....

This is my bedroom closet. I'm used to have a ginormous closet and had to downsize to this itty bitty thing when we moved here. Until last week, Scott had half of the rod and half of the floor.... and that sucked. Now, it's mine all mine!

Too tiny & crowded, but functional.

Purses & sweaters up top, hook in the corner for belts and scarves.

Lingerie box up top, travel bag down below.

This is my favorite box...
My friend Rachel gave it to me with pajamas inside of it for my bridal shower.
Now it holds my lingerie.
As you can see, it's stuffed in an inconvenient upper corner of my closet...
that should tell you how often the lingerie has gotten used. lol

A favorite pair of comfy shoes.
They look great with my pajama pants, no?

Lets get some shoes.
OMG, shoes.


Mary Moore said…
If only my closet was as tidy...
DJ's Mama said…
For real, I have a big closet, but its so out of order.. care to come and clean mine up? You have some cute shoes.. I wish I were a shoe girl.. but I have the hardest time finding cute shoes for my small chunky feet.