Saying something to make someone else feel good is always a nice thing to do

I got a nice compliment at work last night. :) When I first showed up and found the person I was supposed to be orienting with for the night, she said, "I've been looking forward to meeting you for so long!" When I looked surprised and said, "you have?", she responded with, "Yes! You're quite the talk of the floor right now. I heard they specifically went and sought YOU out for this position. That's pretty impressive. That doesn't happen often around here. You should be impressed with yourself." That was an awesome thing to hear and made me feel good. Yay me! :)


Very very cool! Congrats!! You should be very very proud of yourself, young lady!
woo hoo! You go girl!
Allison said…
Wow!! What a great compliment!!! That's awesome!! =]