Come away with me in the night.....

Whewh! Today was a busy day! I slept in a little bit because i didn't sleep but a few hours after work yesterday morning and was draggin butt all day long.

Today, I got a lot done though. I took the first steps to getting back into school. I should've done that a few months ago, but really feel that it's time now. Even though it will be hard work, I can't wait to dive in. I love school. I really do. I wish I could make a decent living at being a professional student. I wonder if there are like top-secret people you could hire to pretend to be you for four years and go to your classes and get good grades? Sounds intriguing, huh? ;)

Anyways, then I had a consultation with an attorney that Baby-Spice at work had given me the name of because he helped her to get an annullment...and we all know that is, to me anyways, the most beautiful word in the english language right now. But alas, he shot down my dream. For good reason though. Reasons I had never even thought of. He said that if he were me, he would run as far away from the thought of an annullment as he could because it is almost guaranteed to backfire in this situation and shoot me in the foot. How you ask? Well, he said in cases where one part is such an obvious psychiatric disaster as Scott is, while we would be trying to show what a mess he is, the court would begin seeing how incompetent he is and would have to take steps to protect him...and would not only not give me the annullment, but can deem him undivorcable!! (can you believe that crap???) He said that because Im the obvious stablizing force in his life, the judge could force me to remain married AND become his guardian!! And if I refuse, they will appoint another one that I will be accountable to. HELL TO THE F***ING NO!!!

So he said that if the word of the day is "GONE"? Then get him that way by a quick and easy divorce as fast as possible. Ok, so I've thrown my hands up and surrendered to the divorce thing, now it's a matter of coming up with freakin' $2000 to hand over for this mess. Pssshhhh! Who has that kind of cash laying around except a bunch of good-heart vampires? Yeah, this isn't Forks and I don't know the Cullens, so I'm stuck for a while...unless my wonderful, good-hearted cousin Michelle aka new lawyer in the family comes through for me!!! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!! I won't even get drunk on goldschlagger and puke in your new bathroom ever again!!! PLEAAAAASE????

Ok, enough begging! After the kids got out of school, baby girls had to go to the dentist office. Amelia was in and out. She had a few little fillings to do that were so easy, he didn't even numb her. Yeah, she was totally good to go. It was Maddie that was in for the trouble. Poor her! See, she has a hard head, as anyone who knows can tell you. And her baby teeth don't like to fall out. So all of her adult teeth started growing in on top of and all around her baby was a serious, scary mess. And it left her embarrassed about her pirrhanna looking teeth. So at the last visit, he told her to go home and wiggle those baby teeth or else he was going to pull them. She did but they didn't get any looser, so today, she had to have five teeth pulled from her pretty little face....RIGHT BEFORE WE WENT TO APPLEBEES!!! :( Poor her. I had to order her a plate of kids spaghetti and cut it up tiny for her and then she had some soup when she got home. Most of the evening she acted pretty good and was still convinced that she was still going to school tomorrow. But I remember when I got 5 teeth pulled...I was laid down for a few days! And swollen too. So I finally made her take some medicine and go lay down and by then I could see that she was ready for it. I just woke her up to come take some more Tylenol so that she wouldn't be sore by morning and she finally gave in and said she wants to stay home tomorrow....which is monumental for this child. We'll see if she sticks to it by morning though.

Lets see, what else did I do on my past few days off? I talked to an old boyfriend on the phone a few times. That was nice. A little weird, but nice for the ego anyways....especially when it was followed up with a text that says, "I miss u baby." AAAAAwwwwww...right? He said his daughter got a new phone and left my phone number in there for him (thanks, I guess). There won't be anything exciting following that up, but it's a nice mojo check every once in a while.

Now if only the ones that I WANT to call me THAT would be fantastic. I need a vacation! Who wants to go with me? Maybe I could call old boyfriend back? ANY old boyfriend want to go on vacation with me? Smartinez...want to go to Hawaii?


Allison said…
I'm really surprised at how long it took to get Maddie down! The way she was chowing on those fries and celery! Poor her! I know she must be in some pain today! She's a trooper though...

I'm so excited for you to get back into school!! That might be just the thing that you need to get you excited about something new!

P.S. And Baby Spice?? Ha!!