He sucks

Today a Scott avalanche fell on my head. What a stupid, dysfunctional jerk. He's called a minimum of three times today, the last of which I answered because he tricked me by calling from a different number.
The first message (on the home phone) was totally benign, talking about how he needed me to call to give him some information about something for a friend, blah blah blah. No emotion whatsoever. The next phone call (my cell phone), the message was a distraught Scott bawling his eyes out and begging me to call him because his mom (birth mom who abused him, that he hated and has never had a relationship with) has died and he "needs" me and can't do "this" anymore. I refused to call him back and sent him a text telling him that I'm sure his psychiatrist has a crisis line and that he should use it. Mean I know, but I'm not doing this with him anymore. The third phone call was on the home phone again and it was a M-E-S-S.
He was blubbering about how he needs me so much and that he has no idea how to plan a funeral, etc etc. I asked him why he's planning a funeral anyways since he's never had a relationship with her and knows nothing about her and basically told him I could care less. He needs to call a funeral home and tell them to help him plan it, because I was not the person to be talking to about this. He continued to beg me to let him come home. He kept telling me that I was the only one that could "fix" him (yeah, like THAT is gonna make me want him home) and that he will do "anything" to prove it to me and make me happy forever.
He had no clue that his friend Billy had called me yesterday to ask me something and had inadvertently mentioned something about Scott being at the bar. So I brought this up to him and reminded him that this was the biggest promise he had made to me.... I told him that if he proved he could get his life together and he 100% stayed away from the bar and alcohol, I would CONSIDER talking to him about fixing things (I knew he never would, so I was fairly confident that I would never have to worry about it). SO, I told him what Billy said and he became indignant (and actually had the nerve to YELL at me) saying, "I'M NOT WITH YOU! I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!! AND IF I WANT TO DRINK I WILL!"
I reminded him that he was absolutely right, but that it only proved that he couldn't even take two months to get his life on track and keep a promise to me...so basically kick rocks because he's never coming home.
I know this is a lot of barfing and venting on this blog, but CRAP!! What a mess! It was a lot of yelling and drama and crap I never wanted to do again with him. This only 100% validates my decision to boot him out on his ass! He will never change, hasn't changed one bit and is still as dysfunctional and horrible as he has always been. THANK GOD I am rid of that!! Now to scrape up the money to get him gone for good! Uggh! I'm so frustrated.


I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. It's got to be hell. I can't imagine.

Keep strong.