Go Go Gokey!!!

Holy crap am I excited!!! Courtney had called me at work and told me that I was going to "so love American Idol this week", but she wouldn't tell me why. Well she was RIGHT! It was standards week on AI, which everyone knows is "my" music and it was fantastic! As soon as I heard the big band playing and heard the theme I started swooning.

The best part so far for me though is Danny Gokey. I gotta say, it's getting super tough to pick because I like all of them at this point. Allison is my least favorite right now (even though she is totally awesome). I love Matt & the Justin vibe I get from him. I think Chris is phenomenal. I haven't seen Adam yet...I'll watch him in a minute. What I am swooning about right now though is DANNY FREAKIN' GOKEY!!!

First of all, nothing could get me more excited than seeing all these guys in dark suits and white shirts. I think every man on the face of the earth should stick to this dress code every single day. There is nothing, and I mean nothing (no, not even naked) that looks better on a man than a black, fitted suit with a crisp white shirt and a dark tie. And then to top it off...he sang my favorite song. Yeah, get there people. He is perfection to me right now. Come Rain or Come Shine is my favorite standard of all time (the Ray Charles version in particular) and he sang it. I have to admit that he was slightly boring at first and I was afraid that he was going to let me down, but about a third of the way into the song, maybe half way, he kicked it into high gear and smacked it down. Honestly, I prefer a smoother more intimate sound to it than he gave it, but he still really kicked butt with it. I was completely swooning and in love by the end and declaring that I wanted to marry him (in the suit of course) and have ten of his babies.


my favorite version by Ray Charles:


Allison said…
Oh yeah!! Last week was GREAT!!!!!