Man, last night was ROUGH! Not like cry-in-the-bathroom rough, but constant and busy. The kind of busy where you feel guilty for taking a lunch. Hopefully tonight will be better. One good actually did happen though. There was a really cute guy there that came up to the floor and talked to me for a little bit...and get this..... wait for it.....wait for it.......

He didn't have a wedding ring on.


It's truly sad when that's something to be excited about. Now, I don't think he's all diggin' me and what-not, but he did spend time talking to me, asked me plenty of questions about me, made great eye contact and had plenty of smiles. So, even if he's not into me... it was a yummy experience. And the fact that he wasn't married and he STILL talked to me? Totally a bonus.

Actually, the worst part of my morning was coming HOME, believe it or not.

What is it about children that makes them want to argue with their parents? You'd think these girls would know by now to not mess with me. Don't sass me or argue with me and certainly don't raise your voice to me. But NO. Within minutes I was pissed and b'gawking at two of them for doing all of the above. *breathe in, breathe out* Actually, DON'T breathe in and breathe out...breathe in and HOLD IT. Know why? Because my wonderful daughters haven't done their chores in two nights and my kitchen literally STINKS. Pew!

Ok, I'm off to bed. Have a fantastic day y'all! Love you mucho!


shawnda said…
being busy is stupid!!! haha! Hopefully tonight will be better and as for the girls...gotta love em :)
yay for unmarried nice boys! :)