Friday Five (yeah, ok. so it's a little late)

  1. Next week is going to be tough for work. 48 hours, which is tough for me. And it means that I really won't see the sunshine (or the moon) all week long since I'll be locked inside a hospital all week. blah. Like the paycheck, hate the process.
  2. Still waiting for the stuff to come for me to start school again in June. I'm crazy for adding more to my plate, but I need my bachelor's in order to get away from the bedside in nursing.
  3. Courtney is still going strong with Ricky. He's a really good kid and I like him a lot. I hope this one sticks for a while. He's good for her. The only problem I have is that when he's over here, I have to spend my time keeping Amelia off of him. She climbs on him like a jungle gym and talks about how cute he is. lol I guess that makes her a gerbil (the opposite of a cougar).
  4. Daffodils are blooming in my backyard. I wish they were tulips, but daffodils will do nicely. It means spring really IS going to happen! :)
  5. Know what I've discovered??? That Zac Efron is kind of delicious. Hello kitty! I never paid much attention before because he seemed to be like, um, 12 or something, but I see him now! He is yummy!


Allison said…
What a schedule! I miss you already!!

How great that will be to get your schooling done. That will be a huge relief and open many, even better doors!

I'm glad Courtney found a good guy! Hope he stays that way and doesn't turn into a toad.

Awww, I love daffodils!!! And I love spring!!! =]

Zac Efron! LOL
I know right??? heehee