The way points....

"You have to abandon your sense of arrival."  I read those words yesterday and they spoke to my heart.  The journey is long.  Very long.  And everything that matters happens along the way.  We have to abandon that sense and expectation of arrival in order to appreciate the way points along the way.

After-all, life isn't about the arrival, it is about the journey composed of those way points or moments along the way.

I meditated on this for a moment, then I read "learn to love the richness in the way points."  Yes, that spoke to a tender place in my heart too.  "The journey is long and full of way points along the path where experiences are richer than other points."  Richer communication, more love, more success, deeper relationships, richer spiritual growth and understanding.

My life has been full of moments that were meant to be so spirit-breaking that some of them actually tore holes in the rose-colored veil that covers my eyes.  At first, those holes appeared black and when I looked at them, through them, all I could see was void.  Lack.  All that isn't.

Eventually, when I looked closer, I realized that I was merely choosing to see them as black.  They are actually God-holes where I can peer through to a clearer view of Him who loves me.  Where I can more easily see an unveiled view of the way points in my life.  Those moments scattered over the timeline of Veronica that make up the "freeze this" picture reel that I'll someday view on the other side.  Those moments of awe, love, joy, bliss that fill my cup and fuel my tank to get me to the next point on the journey.

Is it possible to see these moments as even sweeter and feel them even deeper because of the pain that I went through at different times in life?  Because I do feel them deeply.  Sometimes my heart feels as if it will burst with the beauty of a moment.  From the joy in watching God work in my life or in someone else's.  Hearing good news come to a friend, seeing prayers answered.  Tears flow, emotions swell, and I think there's no way life can get better than this.  Life soon returns to normal, the new-car smell no longer on the good news.  Now it's day-old bread. 

So the journey continues.....until I feel it happening again.  The next way point.  The next moment that will be woven in my life's tapestry.  A conversation with an old friend, a kiss from the man I love, smiles of pride and joy when my children know they've accomplished something they've worked hard for.  Seeing spiritual and emotional growth.  Late-night conversations, voices raised in praise, saying "Do you know that I love you?", laughter, watching God meet a need that seemed hopeless.  Richer, deeper, more lovely than the moments that had been before. 

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
"Life isn't about the arrival; it's about the journey." I love that. Thanks! I needed to hear that.