Day 25

Pictures from your day.
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
That’s all I keep thinking.
I had no idea when I woke up this morning
where this day would take me.

All I know is,
I’m glad that I took these pics and
recorded the video earlier in the day,
because right now,
at 10:17 pm,
I’m over it.

So the pic above is the view I had when I woke up.
Courtney called and woke me up shortly after 8:00.


At around 9:30, I left the house to head for counseling.
I popped into McDonald’s on the way to grab a cup of oatmeal.
If I had known that I was going to end up eating out
a whopping three out of three meals today,
I just may have eaten at home!


After therapy, I headed to the bank to get a cashier’s check for my rent.
I then drove about 35 miles to pay it,
and 35 miles back.
WHO doesn’t have online payments these days???
Or even over the phone???


While out, I stopped in at Bath & Body Works
to buy a new candle.
Oh my gosh!  Let me tell you about this candle!
If you know me,
it’s exactly how my house should smell!


It’s the “Kitchen Spice” candle,
and it’s described as….
“A comforting misture of nutmeg, allspice, hazelnut and caramel.”

I have a patient whose wife burns this,
and I find myself just wanting to visit their candle! lol
Smells SO good.


By the time I got back to this side of town, I was starving.
So, I decided to have lunch on my own at Akai Hana.
Sushi just sounded so good!

After lunch, I headed home to chill out for a little while.
It’s my only day off and I’ve ran all day more than I would have if I was working!
Let me tell you, I am so sick of being in my car!
I mean, I’m grateful for it and all…
Lord, please don’t ever take my car away,
BUT…. *sigh*
I’m tired.

By the time we left for the store,
there was a GORGEOUS sunset waiting for us.
I miss the way we had a front-row seat to the sunset
every night in our apartment.
Of course, this picture doesn’t do justice
to how pretty it was.
It was a bright pinkish-orangish color.


We headed to Target for school uniforms
and totally forgot to look for Maddie’s backpack.
I ordered one online when I got home
because I am not even trying to go back to the store this weekend. blah.


Okay, so let me just say…
we NEVER eat out this much!
I mean, yes, we do eat out,
but NOT three meals in a day!
I just felt so busy and tired that it
seemed easier to pop in somewhere to eat,
but BLECH!
My stomach feels SO sick right now!
I definitely learned my lesson.
Eat crap… feel crappy.  :(

Because of all that,
I will need to be doing this….



So by the time we got home, like I said, I was OVER it.
I had been in the car or on the go for nearly 12 hours…
and it’s my DAY OFF!
O-V-E-R- I-T.

So I’m in my room trying to decompress a little bit,
and what do I hear???


So, I go to the front of the house and open the front door,
and the trash  new people that moved in across the street
a few weeks ago were having a drunken brawl in their driveway.
There were about 10 people in the driveway having a free-for-all beat down,
and there seemed to be at least one woman in the middle somewhere
who was screaming for her life.

Given my history of domestic violence,
screaming women tend to freak me out, to say the least.
I can remember screaming for help and no one cared.
No one came to help.
So many memories of that.
Well, I worry for my safety sometimes,
because I seem to be physically unable to NOT intervene.
I have been known to dive in the middle of it and throw myself
in front of women getting hurt.
Between luck and God’s protection,
I have never gotten hurt (*knock on wood*).
Usually, the guy sees that I’m someone he doesn’t know and chills out.
One time, I think the guy probably would have beat my ass,
but Scott jumped in and shoved me out of the way
(I think that was the only good thing he ever did for me).

So, tonight, needless to say, I didn’t jump in.
Only because there were SO many people over there.
But I did call 911
and proceeded to scream at them to get off of her
and take their trashy asses in the house
because they haven’t been anything but trouble since they moved in.

Yeah, I don’t think that scored me any points with them,
because then I had a bunch of angry Mexicans cussing me out and flipping me off,
but hey,
it distracted them long enough that the woman was able to jump in her car
and run over a bush as she backed out of the driveway and sped away.

Within minutes, there were seven cop cars plus a swat unit blocking our street.

And nothing came of it.

When the police left,
I pulled my car in the garage.
No telling what those angry, drunken people would do to it to retaliate.
I’m not taking any chances tonight.
Now, I just want to watch reality tv and veg out.
Never a dull moment.

Veronica xoxo


Allison said…
I love love love that candle scent! A friend that I babysit for has that one and it smells uh-may-zing!

P.S. And I love the addition of the video blogging! Keep it up!
Your Babe Heather said…
Video blog:

"when they show you who they are, believe them the first time." wow, I need to remember that!

I am jealous of your weed spraying... Just saying!

Pauly D is hot hot hot!!!! mmm Get me some of that!!!

I love your dirty mouth... you can talk dirty to me any time... wait, that didn't come out right! Potty Mouth's Unite!!!

Great to see a video blog. I loved it because it was like you were visiting me in my house and I could see and hear you! Miss you!