(Jessica on the right, Maya in front)

Today, of all days,
I am so grateful for my kids.
All of them.
That they are here.
They are healthy.
They are intact.

Whatever we've been through in life,
we are all still here.

There was tragedy yesterday.
My heart is pierced 
for a family member
who lost her little girl.
The grief and despair she must be enduring,
I can't even wrap my mind around.

She has been heavy on my heart.
Every time I turned over in the night,
my mind would go to her.
Wonder how she's sleeping...
if she's sleeping.
First night without her little Maya.
Pray for her.
In the morning,
my mind went to her.
First morning without her little Maya.
Pray for her.

I've prayed fervently for the Holy Spirit to send her
comfort and for God to give her extra grace during this time.
I've tried to reach out to every person I could find to pray for her.
I know if it were me in her shoes,
all of that prayer and God's hands
would be the only things holding me up.

I've been trying to find these pictures I had of Maya
when she was little.
Dancing with me at a wedding.
She was so cute and had these little glasses on.
I actually think I deleted them,
not knowing, forgetting
that you never know when it can be the last picture you get.
Even if it's a little girl,
she can be gone.
Just like that.

I'm so sorry Jessica.
My heart is torn for you.
My heart feels like I'm bearing some of the burden for you.
If that's at all possible.

lurve you, xoxo v.


Allison said…
Thank you for the reminder to cherish those people in our lives. Such an important thing to remember to do daily.