Day 13

A picture of your favorite band or artist.
As usual, it's tough to pick just one.
I have VERY eclectic taste in music,
and my tastes are all over the chart.
My faves range from big bands back in the 20's-40's,
through today.
Country, rock, pop, jazz.
You name it,
I usually love it
(unless it's something heavy and creepy).
I love a lot of different people  and bands like The Cure, Duffy,
James Morrison, Ray LaMontagne,
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong,
and lots of Christian Bands too.

As you all know,
my absolute favorite is No Doubt.
I can remember falling in love with them
(**cough** with Gwen **cough**)
when they first came out.
I can remember thinking,
this is gonna be BIG...
and I was right!
She's awesome.
The rest of them are okay too,
but Gwen = love.
My next favorite would be John Mayer.
OMG, sexy fu**er!
He's so pretty he makes me cuss.
I'm well aware that my boy,well, no offense John,
but you're kind of a man-whore.
And you screwed with Taylor Swift's emotions
& made her write a whole song about you,
so we need to have some words about that.
oh my goodness.
Let me count the ways that I love me some John Mayer.

Then, there’s Michael Buble.
Some of his stuff I just don’t like,
but overall, I love him.

Oh Taylor Swift!

I actually love her more than Buble,
but she & John Mayer haven’t been getting along,
so I thought I should separate them.
I just think this girl (now a woman) is awesome.
Good morals & values,
so pretty,
writes great music.
Love her.

Miranda Lambert.
Full of angst,
has obviously had some really messed up relationships,
but can also write some really sweet songs.

Ingrid Michaelson is someone that I love too.
She has sweet, uplifting, quirky music.

Schuyler Fisk sings sweet, dreamy songs
that became part of the standard playlist of my life years ago.

lurve you, xoxo v.