Day 12


A picture of something you love.

That would be my bedroom!


Here’s a picture of it,

in all its messy glory.

I want a new comforter though,

because I don’t like the brown stripe across this one.

Maybe I’ll just turn it over.

Oh, and I need a new desk chair too.

That black monstrosity needs to go!


Anyways, my bedroom is my little refuge.

It’s comfortable and cozy and me.



This wall is still a work in progress,

but so is life.

As something new comes to me that I love,

it goes on the wall.

Here are some parts of it….



Bad picture, I know.

But this is my favorite photo I took in Sedona,

a teapot that Emma cross-stitched me,

and a ceramic heart (it’s turquoise,but doesn’t show up great here)

that I bought at the Renaissance festival last year.



The cross I got in Sedona,

and the heart picture I actually just made last night in about 5 minutes.

I think it turned out cute.



This corner has a cabinet full of angels,

the nightstand was my Grandma’s when she was little

(even though you can’t see it good here).



I love the iron work piece I have over my bed.

I think it’s so pretty.

My headboard, I made a year or so ago.

I love upholstered headboards, but good ones are SO expensive.



Ralph Lauren sheets.

They aren’t a very high thread count,

but I think they’re so pretty.



Command central.

It’s usually much messier, but I just cleaned it up.



Some pictures of my kids on a bookshelf.



A tray of special things.



part of my closet



I love the light that pours into my bathroom.

(Although that makes it stay hot all day!)


Allison said…
I have always loved that corner cabinet! I can remember the place that it was in all of the houses that you've lived in. :)
Dodi said…
Well, first let me say, a picture of your bedroom for something you love? lol But, I love it too. I really like your mirror, I see you finished your headboard (nice job)
I also keep the Gold Bond next to my bed as well as my bible. :-) I like your style. I love you!