"Love the Way You Lie"
Eminem & Rihanna

This video is so good.
It brings the subject & truth of domestic violence to the forefront
like no other I've seen.

I also love that Rihanna is singing the other part in this song.
I hope it's not lost on you the significance of that.

My heart's dream is to one day see a world free of domestic violence,
but the truth is, we have a long, long road ahead of us.
Multitudes still need educating on the subject,
and others need to be raised right.
Women need higher self-esteem,
and men need bigger backbones.

Maybe somday.
xoxo veronica


Allison said…
Wow! Powerful video! I hate domestic violence. And I hate how hard it is for so many women to get out of it and how hard it is sometimes even be rescued by the people who are supposed to be their protectors (ie: law enforcement)