My cup runneth over....

What's on my heart right now....

"...the whole earth is full of his glory."
Isaiah 6:3

Tonight there was a farewell potluck at work
for myself & two of my friends/coworkers
who are leaving this week.

Not all of the people who are important to me were
able to make it, but several were.
What surprised me was that several people
who I never guessed would have cared about me going
came around to tell me they appreciated working with me
and am sorry to see me go and that
they would miss me.

That is so nice.

That got me all emotional and humble and reflective.

That put me in one of those "oh yeahhhhh....." moods
where I start looking at everything around me
and remembering that God is good.
And that people are good.
And that I am blessed.
And that just because I didn't like my bosses here at the end,
I am still surrounded with fantastic people that I am sorry to be leaving.
My world is wrapped up in good things,
and all good things come from above.

I am grateful.
I am humbled.
I am blessed.

Thank you Lord.

xoxo veronica