Here we go again

I always bellyache about how much I hate September.  Most people don't get it, or think I'm exaggerating.  I don't think anyone realizes the impact that this month has on my life.  I wish I understood why, maybe the planets align just so.  Maybe I was born with a certain something in my house or my moon was rising in such a way to make it necessary that every September, the universe cleans house or affects major change in my life.  I don't know the reason, I only know the truth of it.  I. HATE. SEPTEMBER.

Well, this year was no different.  And what kills me is that I can never let my guard down because I can never see the trouble coming ahead of time... it comes SWIFTLY.  Usually a BAM!  Out of nowhere.  For example, yesterday things were fine and then in a number of minutes I can count on my hand, I found myself yelling, "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!"  and hanging up the phone, which has led to 24 hours of trouble that lead me to fully believe I will be breaking up with Paul and becoming single again by the end of the weekend.  Maybe even by the end of the day.

You know what's funny?  Just a matter of days ago, I found myself thinking, "you know, what am I waiting for?  He's a good man.  Maybe you should at least move in together.  It would be so good for everyone involved."

HAHAHAHAAHA!  See what happens when I let my guard down?  I turn stupid!  There is ALWAYS another shoe that is going to drop.

BOOM!  Happy?  Not anymore!

Up yours September.

xoxo veronica


Okay, so he's going to make it through the weekend.  We'll see what happens.  I'm waiting & seeing.  First step?  He's bringing me food because I made a passing comment that I wanted a cheeseburger.  Yep, I like this making up stuff.


Barbara said…
Sorry everything is not going well for you right now. Hopefully, it is something you can work thru when October gets here??? If not, sorry life sucks sometimes.

Love you, Mom
Barbara said…
Glad to hear it, some things are worth fighting for. Love you, Mom