Sanctified imagination

I sit staring; transfixed.

I'm fascinated by history,

but it always seems at arms length,

not up close and personal.

Photos in their grainy, sepia forms

are hard to use your sanctified imagination on.

You know, where if you close your eyes,

you can smell the smells, see the light and colors, hear the sounds.

Well, today I came across this website.


These are photos that were taken between 1909 - 1912 in Russia.
A special technique was used where 3 black & white prints of the same photo

were taken, and then combined with different red, green & blue 

filters & re-photographed to provide a life like result.


That's all I could say.
They are SO lifelike and it's hard to believe that

they were actually taken a hundred years ago.

The colors & textures drew me in & for the first time, maybe ever,

I can fully realize that whether one hundred years ago,

or two-thousand years ago,

grass looked the same, flowers looked the same, dirt looked the same,

sitting by the lake felt & smelled the same.

You should really check out that website and look at these pictures.

I know I'm kind of a dork when it come to this kind of thing,

and that many people are like *yawn*, but I was left in awe.

xoxo veronica