The Salyer family. Est 2010

My Shawnda Lou Pewie Pew got married today.

And I missed it.

[insert snot and tears here.  Literally.]

I haven't seen pictures yet, but I hear that it was a beautiful event.

I love you Shawnda and I hope you & Travis have

a beautiful, blessed & magical life.

I'm sorry I couldn't be there,

but I prayed for you

and I'm glad everything went perfectly for you.

xoxo veronica


Shawnda said…
aww, soapie I'm sorry you werent here. I did miss you so much! It was a perfect day but you missing made it bittersweet. I'll be sure to send pictures. I love you!
veronica said…
You just got married! You're supposed to be having lots of sex, not reading my blog! Oh who am I kidding, you should ALWAYS read my blog! ;) lol
*Nikki* said…
i just ran across your blog on the SITS blog frog forum...and seen that you are reading the Memory Keepers Daughter..i have that book but have never actually sat down to read it!
Are you enjoying it?
love your blog by the way! supercute!

and sorry you missed the wedding!
veronica said…
Hi there and welcome! Actually, yes I am enjoying it. I've read several books lately that have just fallen flat and this one is okay so far. It's had some boring moments but not horrible. You should read it too & tell me what you think! :)