Haven't checked in for a little while, so thought I would pop in & just say "hey."  So.... HEY!

Not much has happened here lately, but I'm doing well.  Therapy is slow moving this week because I think she saw how strongly I reacted (read: I FREAKED out) when she brought up the idea of the EMDR.  So, we've been talking about things more and preparing for it, but nothing has officially started yet.  Which frankly is okay with me.  I've been feeling really crappy lately and didn't put two and two together until she said I need to pay attention to the reactions my body is giving because some people are very sensitive to changes, etc. and that some people have very vivid "body memories" when they start talking about trauma.  Their body will literally start feeling the way that it did at the time of the trauma.  Yep.... sooooo what I'm feeling like right now.  Collin always told me I was a "fragile ecosystem" and he's right on the money.

And Therapist, if you're reading... STOP HERE!

In another, more positive note ... I started talking to a guy about a week ago.  Therapist would say I'm trying to distract myself and fill holes (no nasty jokes intended [this time]).  She's probably right.  But at least he's a pleasant distraction!  Yeah, we're only a week into this thing, but most guys don't make it that long before I've decided they're on their way out the door.  He's still going strong.  I had one small red flag, but after a lengthy discussion about it today, I think things are pretty cleared up (holla!).  He's not typically what I'm attracted to physically (but when is anyone I actually date? lol).  That's the funny thing about looks...the older you get, the less they tend to matter.  I want to know about the "real shit."  The shit that will last long beyond the looks.  So okay... on to the real shit.

He's a photographer by trade (and college education).  He likes that I'm a "smart-ass" (BIG bonus points for him!).  He drove a BMW until about 9 months ago when he got an Xterra instead (which I like).  Never been married, no kids but has 5 nephews.  Has travelled all over the globe.  (Yeah, he's kind of kicking my ass in this description, huh? lmao)  AND... he likes to cook.  AND... he sent me a text reminding me not to forget my lunch before work tonight!  (which I still did, but he tried) 

Kids are good, work is good, I am good.  (*knock, knock*)
xoxo veronica