Gosh I miss my friends!

Ever have a conversation with an old friend that brings you
right back to your roots?
It smacks you back to earth & doesn't let you forget where you came from.

I love those actually. :)

I just got done talking to Wendy &
it was so good to hear her voice!

Her grandson when he was little called her "Gigi" & so it's a habit I picked up too.
For YEARS now whenever I have a stomach ache,
it's second nature for me to say (or at least think)
"My tummy hurt Gigi!"

So tonight when I said it, I figured I'd better call her
RIGHT NOW because it's just been long enough.

So we talked and laughed and covered all the usual like we always do.
(Please add her son Tedarian to your prayer list by the way.  Long story.  Medical issues.)

Anyways, the subject turned to hair as it always does.
I told her mine's the same old thing it always is...
grows out, cut it off, want it this way or that but it never actually happens.
blah blah blah

She then said what she always says (keep in mind Wendy is a black girl)....
"What you need to do is slick that shit back and buy you a different pony tail weave to wear every day.
You know that's what I do.  That's the easiest."

I replied, "Yeah, but that won't work for me!  I have thin, limpy white hair girl."

She then says, "White hair?  Shiiiiit.  You get you some black gel and slap that shit on there!
That hair will stay wherever the fuck you put it!  It'll be a whole new life for you!"

I love it.
xoxo veronica