From my point of view, therapy is going at a snail's pace.  It feels like I go over the same old crap every single week and never make a bit of progress.  I feel like I am raw and open and crying all of the time.  Needless to say, I've just been feel very discouraged.

So, imagine my surprise when my therapist says tonight that she thinks I'm at about the half-way point of therapy.  Seriously?  I still feel like I am barely walking in the door!  I know that she is by no means saying that I'm DONE, but wow she is optimistic and obviously sees a whole lot that I don't see in order to see me as half-way.

Whatever though.  I can't deny that it wasn't encouraging.  She proposed the idea of beginning EMDR therapy (I'm sure Google will explain it better than I will), which is supposed to be very effective for treating post traumatic stress.  Not only is it effective, but from what I've read tonight, it's supposed to work FAST (relatively speaking).  This is extremely exciting to me, as I'm ready to be "better" as quickly as possible.  Although the thought of it at first terrified me and I burst into sobbing tears at the thought of having to remember some of these traumas even more deeply than I already do, after calming down a little and googling the heck out of it, I am super-excited about getting started.

One of my concerns is how long it's going to take.  I mean, although it's supposed to be fast and effective, it's still going to take FOREVER if we have to go trauma by trauma.  Yeah, I know...it'll still be much faster than if I weren't doing it at all.  True, very true.  Which is why I really am excited to get started.  I can't believe I've never heard of this therapy before.  Have any of you guys heard of it?

xoxo veronica