Sweetie Veronica

I received a wonderful surprise in my mailbox yesterday!

As soon as I saw the address, I knew that it was something
from my super-awesome friend Joni.
Joni was one of the unit secretaries at my old hospital
that I worked with for years.
We had many, many long nights full of conversation & laughter
& she was even going to go ghost hunting with me!! :)

Only Joni would handle my wasband with the grace she did
when he got drunk out of his mind at a work get-together.
She even crawled under the picnic table with him to look for....
well, forget it.  I'm not saying out loud what it was. lol
If you've heard the story then you already know. 

And I'll never forget when Joni's daughter Mel 
came running across a funeral home (YES, you heard that right!)
to grab my hand and rub it!
"It's the SOFT SKIN GIRL!!!"
is what she said. lol  
She said, "I've never ever forgotten you and your soft skin!
It's the softest skin I've EVER felt in my life!
Baby oil gel, right?"

I just smiled and nodded my head saying, "yes, baby oil gel."

Anyways, yesterday I received a card from Joni just saying hi and she misses me.
She made me smile and giggle out loud by just reading the opening line...
"Sweetie Veronica..."
I can hear her saying that. :)

There's NOTHING like encouraging little bits of love from new friends,
but it's even better when it comes from old friends.
THAT is the good stuff.

*freeze this!*

xoxo veronica