Somewhere in the distance

The thought, "I should blog..." crosses my mind many times a day because really, all I want to do is write.  I want to work on my book, I want to write a short story, hell I would even be satisfied to write a great Tweet sometimes. 

So what gives?

I don't know.  I have had a writer's block that has increasingly worsened over the past few years that I'm not sure what to do about.  It's like being in a relationship where you talk and talk and talk... and then suddenly, you're not sure what to say because you've covered everything.  Nothing new has happened during the day, nothing funny has come to your mind...there's just silence.  And that's okay.  Sometimes the silence is even good.  I always base a lot of my opinion of someone on how they handle those silences.  Can I feel their anxiety?  Can you see them itching for something to say?  Are their eyes darting all over the room making it obvious that they're searching for something to say?  Crap, I hope not.  That's the worst isn't it?  Being with someone who is uncomfortable in their own skin to the point that they can't even be still and enjoy the silence with you.  No, silence is sometimes sweet.

The truth is, I can feel it coming though.  I can feel the ground starting to tremble beneath my feet and can just barely make out the sound of water somewhere in the distance.  Someday soon, the rushing rapids are going to come raging through here and the dam will burst open.  And then LOOK OUT!  Because the words they'll be a'flyin'!
xoxo veronica