This might require multiple exclamation points….

Standing here staring out of my living room windows to the mountains in the distance.  A cool breeze softly blows through the open window and kisses over me like a lover I haven’t seen in ages.  I close my eyes and soak it in.  This is bliss.  This, right here. 
Even though it may not look like fall all around me, my soul knows it’s fall and is responding accordingly.  Something amazing and miraculous happens in me physically and spiritually during the fall…it’s a metamorphosis like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.  I seem to come alive…and I’m HAPPY…and I get shit done.  I know, right?  Like this morning…I got up at 5:30!!!!  FIVE THIRTY people!!!  I usually don’t head to bed until 5:30 and there I was GETTING UP.  AND…. wait for it……. I cooked breakfast too.   Yes, get there people.  Picture this in your minds.  ME up at the butt-crack of dawn and not only NOT cranky and scowling at the world, but actually COOKING BREAKFAST for my kids before school.
Yes, October is a miracle month for me.  It’s God’s natural antidote to an entire year full of caca in my life.  Something shifts with the cool breezes and crisp air and suddenly my life is okay.  Hope is renewed.  We slept with all the windows open last night.  I didn’t even have a fan on!  I haven’t slept without a fan in years.  After midnight last night, something just seemed better in my world.  It’s October…what could be better than that?