I'm taking a break from my blogging vacation to ask for prayer please.
Courtney has been home for a week with H1N1 (swine flu).
Maddie seemed to be getting sick for a few days but bounced back.

Well, yesterday Amelia started coming down with it and broke out in a bad fever.
This morning when I got home from work, she was VERY sick.
Her temp (after meds) was 101 degrees.
She was crying that her throat and stomach were killing her.

I just got off the phone with the Dr. & they are calling her in some tamiflu
& said if she becomes lethargic at all or worse in any way to take her to the ER.
Her latest dose of tylenol is starting to kick in a little.
She's laying on the couch with a cool compress and beginning to doze on & off.

Please pray for her.
This thing has definitely been hitting kids way harder than adults
and she is definitely not feeling good.



Of course!!! Prayers for all of you and I hope your babies get to feeling better very, very soon.. Poor lit'l ones.. In my thoughts and prayers...
Allison said…
Awww, poor girls!! I will definitely be praying for them...and for you too as you take care of them. :(