Friday five

  1. Go, go, go...that sums up my week.  Between running here & there for the prep for Courtney's senior pics and then the pics plus work and doctor's appointments, etc etc...I've been freakin' busy!  On top of that, my boss scheduled me THREE IN A ROW.  I know... *GASP!!!* right?  But seriously, I don't usually work three in a row, it kicks my butt too hard.  Nursing isn't exactly easy work.  But alas, here I am working two out of three and PRAYING for a miracle and to be sent home early.  Not holding my breath though.

  2. Speaking of work, I have an interview on Tuesday for the new position I applied for.  It's a BIG interview so I need prayer please!  Wish me luck!

  3. Tickets were finally cheap enough at the same time I had a paycheck so that I could arrange for Darren to come visit for a week.  He'll be here in two weeks.  I hope it goes ok because I miss him tons.  Unfortunately, that tends to only last for a few days once we're under the same roof.  Let's hope this time will be different.

  4. I'm getting ready to start watching Entourage.  I've always seen miscellaneous episodes here and there over the years but never loyally followed it.  So the first season is here from Netflix and I'm going to start at the beginning and work my way up.

  5. I have my coffee table painted and in place but I still don't have my headboard attached to the wall.  The headboard I had bought to make it with was old and was a slightly different size than my bed frame, so I couldn't screw it directly to the frame.  So I was going to make a french cleat and hook it to the wall, but got lazy and thought it would be so much easier to just buy some flush mounts and hook one side to the frame, the other to the wall and bam...done.  Till I had to go about doing it.  Now I'm all hesitant and just sure it's gonna be a pain in the butt, so I haven't done it.  I need to just go buy a piece of wood and get it up there.  Every time I roll over in bed it bangs on the wall and is getting on my nerves. I don't know why I procrastinate so bad.  Of course, I just wouldn't be ME if I didn't, right?