Friday Five

  1. Serenity & surrender.  My new mantra to hopefully help change my perspective on life right now.  I used to have these things but I lost them somewhere and have been struggling & fighting the universe.  Hopefully I can begin breathing again and regain my peace of spirit.  
  2. Swine flu is the new black.  Even I have it now. *sigh*  I didn't even go to the doctor for myself!  I took the kids back for their follow-ups so they can return to school & I guess I just look THAT crappy.  The doctor pretty much forced me to get tested for it and eventually the nurse popped her head back in the door and said, "It's positive!"  The doc then looked at me and said, "Congratulations!  YOU have the swine flu!"  Nice.  I just thought my lupus was flaring.  It's pretty much impossible to tell the difference.
  3. Because of this I am SUPER worried about my job.  If there is anything you're praying about for me, please put this at the top of the list!  I am scared, scared, scared about missing work and what that will mean.  I can't take these germs in there, but I am afraid what having to call off will mean.  
  4. Speaking of jobs, I GOT THE NEW ONE!  Same place, new title.  I start on November 1st.
  5. Darren got here safe & sound.  So far so good.  He's here till next Wednesday.  Pray about that too!


Suz Broughton said…
I'm pretty sure I had the Swine Flu a little while ago too. I hope you are feeling better. I like your new mantra :)