It was one of those nights

I barfed all over one of my favorite people today.
Not literally, just verbally.
I had warned this person earlier in the day that I could feel the waters rising,
and to please just love me through it.
Basically, here comes the fog...see you in about a week.
Unfortunately, I was right.  The waters were rising.
Sometimes I would actually LOVE to be wrong.
Anyways, I hope that this person knows how
very, very much I love and adore them
and would never do something like that on purpose.
I had a complete meltdown
and I'm sure I made them feel bad, guilty, stressed...something bad anyways.
At least they know me well enough to know that this too shall pass
and that this isn't my norm.
Because normally, I have pretty good control over my true feelings
and my brain-mouth connection.
Ambien, alcohol and hormones are about the only times where I
COMPLETELY lose that ability.
That is when all of the raw, unpolished, nasty, jagged stuff comes out.

So I need to officially say.....
I'm so sorry.
I love you.
Please forgive me.
"I" will be back in a few days.
Please just love me through it.