What a difference a day, I mean hour makes

The kids being home for a visit has been going okay. Tonight, however, a really good day dissolved into a very, very bad night. My oldest had a meltdown, the likes of which I haven't seen for about three years. I don't think it's any coincidence that it just happened to occur after she's spent three weeks back in Lorain County. And as we all know, I don't deal with that sort of temper tantrum, in your face, disrespectful, defiant attitude well. It got ugly and it was painful. We need prayer. She needs encouragement. I need wise advice.

After the battle subsided at least somewhat, I took my little ones to the pool for a midnight swim. I felt bad for them that they had to watch that garbage yet again, when it was all supposed to be water under the bridge. As God is prone to do lately (maybe he is always is and I'm just starting to notice lately), he placed the perfect person in my path at the perfect time.

As the girls climbed quietly into the pool (it was late and they didn't want to disturb anyone who lives too close to the pool), I sat down in a lounger. There happened to be one other guy in the pool area and I happened to say hello to him as I walked past. No one here has ever spoken to me. They don't say hi, they don't converse. They mind their own business and frankly, I like it that way most of the time. Last week, I wondered if it makes me a big bitch that when buying a doormat I kept putting the one that said "welcome" back on the shelf because I couldn't decide if I really wanted to encourage someone to knock on my door. FYI, I ended up getting one that doesn't say anything.

So anyways, I say "hi" to this guy and he says "hello" back. Then he says, "I'm sorry, that probably wasn't for me huh?" I smiled and said, "Yes, that was for you. I said hi to you." And he jumps out of the pool and comes to sit by me, introducing himself as Tony and we proceed to have an hour long conversation. Guess what he does for a living? He's a counselor....for troubled teens. Yeah, I felt the same way. That's awesome. And he is always working at this time, but just happened to take tonight off of work because he needed a day off and just happened to decide to go for a midnight swim. Oh, and he doesn't even live here, he just happened to decide to come visit his friend for a day or two. He actually lives across town. God's awesome. And Tony is cute AND he talked me off the ledge. What could be better.

Courtney fell asleep in my bed. How ironic that I am going to end up sleeping next to her after everything that happened tonight. Hope I can trust to close my eyes and sleep next to her. I hope Tony is at the pool tomorrow when SHE is there.


Allison said…
Yay for God's surprises...especially cute ones named Tony! :)