Miscellaneous midnight ramblings

They don't have to make sense to you...

because they make sense to ME.

And unlike usual,

I won't be explaining during these sessions.

They are simply for me to purge

what is on my mind and in my soul.

And I will be doing it often.

Some things are my thoughts,

others are things that have inspired me.

Maybe observations,

perhaps even stirrings in my own heart.

Whichever way,

they are mine...

my insides.

*It's not about how nice your phone is, but who texts you.

*I wish he would have asked me out before I left. I know he wanted to.

*I keep looking for the answers...Where is my damn answer?

If anything matters then everything matters. Because you are important everything you do is important. Every time you forgive the universe changes. .every time you reach out and touch a heart or life the world changes.

*He is so beautiful. When he looks at me, I am left speechless and a little off-balance. He has the smoothest, most comforting voice I have ever heard, with the best laugh to go with it. I can think of nothing negative about him. It amazes me that someone like him exists.

*Just as birds instinctively gravitate to their south, I also gravitate to MY south. HE is my south and he pulls me in without even being aware.

If you really love someone you will never let them go…especially to possibly go meet someone else. You will hold onto them and fight for them…you don’t drive them to the airport and wish them well. Or tell them to go ahead and have dinner with someone else because it's "just dinner" afterall.

*I don't care. I care too much.

Don't be afraid to be the jerk taking pictures. The same people who give you a hard time about it will ask you for copies of them.—John Mayer

It’s hard for me to take a stand when I would take him any way I can… (John Mayer: Neon)