Mommies always come back

It's not that I don't have anything to say lately, I just have trouble getting it from my brain to the blog. Truth be told, there really isn't anything going on besides me being bored and lonely most of the time.

The kids are all still on vacation and so I spend 99% of my time alone. At first it was rough, but I'm getting used to it and kind of like it. At least most of the time. Tonight Maddie called me and put Amelia on the phone crying and then I didn't like it so much. She misses me and is having trouble sleeping and can't quit crying. Maddie said she has been especially clingy and is having trouble getting her to even let her sleep alone in her bed without her. I tried my best to comfort her and told her that I know how it feels. I remember crying myself to sleep many times when I was little and my mom had to leave me so she could work.

I know a lot of it is somehow stemming from her being afraid that I will go away and not come back. After all, she has seen her dad do that (even if it is for the better of all involved). I remember when Courtney and Darren were little and I had to put them in daycare so that I could go to classes, they faced the same fears. I had bought them a book called "My Mommy Comes Back". It came with a cassette tape with a song by the same name. It talked about no matter how afraid you are when Mom leaves, you can always rest peacefully knowing that Mommy will always come back no matter what. For years we sang that song...

"My mommy comes back,

she always comes back,

she always comes back to get meeeee...

yes, my mommy comes back,

she always comes back,

she never would forget meeeeee."

It always helped comfort them and helped them to trust me and my faithfulness to them. I know in the world that there are times when some moms don't come back, but I like to think that is not the norm. Men may come and go, but moms are usually forever. And this mom certainly is. I want my kids to not be afraid to spread their wings and fly, knowing that they can always land in the nest again with a mom that loves them.

I still have that little book packed away and probably will for the rest of my life. No matter what bad things have happened in our lives, that has been the second biggest thing that I have tried to instill in my kids. First, that God loves them and will never leave. And second, that your mom does too.


Awe! That's sweet and wonderful. You're a great mommy!