Dear bitchy staff nurses, suck it. xoxo Veronica

I picked up an agency contract at a new facility this week and I was ready to quit the first night. I made it through though. The second night, however, I was ready to shank one of those alpha-bitch attituded heifers in the parking garage.

Although I won't say the name of the place publicly (much more to keep the wasband in the dark vs. protecting this place's reputation), I will say that this place is nothing but a freaking HOLE. It is nasty and gross and NONE of the people are nice. They are so far on the other side of the "nice" scale that they are falling off the other side into plain old STANK.

I am supposed to be there through Labor Day but as I was making copies of my time sheets, I stopped at five copies because I thought 13 of them was being too optimistic. We'll see. Hopefully I'll be able to be left alone and do my job and I can stick it out, but I sincerely hope that if you see me on the 11 o'clock news having cut one of them in the clean utility room that someone will show up with some bail money for me! I promise the crime will have been justified! PRAY FOR ME Y'ALL!!!


You crack me up. It does sound like a crappy place. I hope you find something new there that is wonderful. Sometimes we have to go through crap to find the gems, but it is a lot and it's hard. Keep your chin up!
love you!