Juno count

How grateful am I to be done moving? Let me count the ways! The stress and the craziness of the past several weeks has been bo-na-nas. I'm so tired but so glad to be in a place where a certain someone *cough, cough* the was-band *cough, cough* doesn't know where I am. I like my new place. I'm having trouble getting used to the automatic ice maker though. It never fails to scare the crap out of me whenever the ice dumps.

The only other problem I have now is that I don't have cable in my new digs yet. This means? That this evening I am on Juno viewing number two. I bet I'll be in double digits (maybe even triple) by the time the cable guy arrives. Yes, I still think it's one of the best movies ever made. It's responsible for a large amount of the dialog and banter in our household and I NEVER get sick of watching it. LOVES IT! :) I guess I could have worse problems than having to watch it over and over for a few days.



Anonymous said…
I'm in the MIDDLE of my move, the packing stage! I'm afraid to go into my basement, that's son #3's domain, he is my "cellar dweller," him and his amps n' guitars n' spiders!
Can't wait to get moved and I too LOVE Juno!
Glad you are recovering well. Miss you much, but so very excited for you. Watching Juno for the first time! Can't wait to see what all the excitement is! Love you!