My babies

~My Son~

I've had a ton of stress with my kids lately and it seems like all I've been doing is venting about them to my friends! So you know what? It's time to shine some light on my beautiful babies! They're awesome kids, they truly are and they deserve some praise too! So for the next four days I'm going to be covering a kid a day! :)

They are all so different it amazes me. My girls are just like me...each one a different aspect of me...but definitely their mother's daughters! And my him to death, but he's just like his dad! (You can take that to mean whatever you like! haha) Just kidding...he has his problems but Darren has so pretty great qualities too!

Darren was the cutest baby boy ever! He was so fat and squishy. :) And he was so happy...I could just love on him forever!

He was an adorable toddler too...he was a natural cut-up. He cracked me up. It was at about this age (I'd say two years old) that he would just jump up and start running around the living room yelling "I'VE GOT A MONKEY ON MY BACK!!! AHHHHH!!!" Because he knew that it would make people laugh. LOL What a goof!

He's still a gorgeous kid! He's so smart he puts me to shame most of the time. I know most mothers will say that about their children, but I'm not kidding...he's a smart cookie! And he LOVES to cook...which makes me very happy! heehee Instead of "chef boy r dee", we call him "chef my boy d".