Nothing new

~Nothing New~

Thought I'd drop a note to say not much new going on here! :) That can be an awesome thing though. I had a short but nice visit with my girlies this weekend...wish it was for a different reason, but it was still nice to see them. I've been working on candle orders and graphics. I'm amazed at how much shipping is if you don't have alot of time to wait!!! Amazing! For 2 day air on our order it's going to be $150.00 and for next day air.... $350!!!! I about crapped myself! LOL Needless to say I suddenly found the time to wait for my shipment! $42.00 for ground shipping sounds alot better to me!
The kids have their Christmas concerts this week. They planned both of them at the same time at different thoughtful of them! So Courtney has to take one to theirs and I have to take the other.
I saw today that I did some Christmas shopping last night at I thought that was funny because I hardly remember it! LOL Some people "drunk dial" in the middle of the night... I "sleepy shop".hahaha What happens is that I take my sleeping pill (because I'm a famous insomniac and got really tired of hearing people saying "why are you still awake? shouldn't you be sleeping???"), then I sit down at the computer to wait for it to kick in. Pretty soon everything starts looking good and I'm thinking I can use everything on every website! I need to order it now! haha Most of the time it's things I can actually use and am glad I ordered, but I've ordered some pretty questionable things a couple of times! LOL I'm not going to get too detailed, but for those of you "in the know" I'll just say... Victor has a brother now! hahaha So anyways, this morning I got up and it looks like I actually got some really good deals on Christmas presents! Yay me! :)