Like a wink & a smile

I started this post as an entirely different thing than you're looking at. I had something happen today with one of my kids that once again broke my heart and I started to vent about the deflowering of our youth in today's society.

When we were younger it was tough to not be sexual, but today... fugheddaboutit!
So as I was venting and barfing all over my blog about my frustrations, I was listening to music as I usually do. Anyone who knows me (and I've said on here a hundred times) I LOOOOOOOOOVE "standards". You know, old jazzy type music. "Crooners" as most people call them.

(Frank Sinatra is usually the one that people think of when they hear that term. And you know, I like Frank... but I hate his attitude. He's part of the problem I'm facing today. Womanizing, etc. No... what I'm think of is more like Harry Connick, Jr. or Michael Buble.)

Ok, back to my story. So as I'm sitting there "barfing" about my problem, I'm listening to my music. Let me tell you, this music makes me come alive when I hear it. It always has. I can remember being a little girl and hearing big band music on t.v. and being absolutely mesmerized. I fell in love. I felt at home the instant I heard it. It makes me smile and "swoon" the instant it comes on. I was soooo supposed to be born in the 20's, 30's or 40's!

So I was sitting here listening to "Taking a chance on love", "smile though your heart is breaking", "It had to be you", "Moonlight Serenade", etc. and my mood started to lift. And I started thinking... what is it about this music that is making me feel better? Is it because Harry Connick, Jr. is just so freakin handsome? lol (yeah, Jill Goodacre, I said it! It's time for you to move over and let someone else have a chance! You've had him long enough!!! lol) And it came to me that... nope, it's more than my natural attraction to this music... it's what this music has come to represent to me. A simpler, more respectful time. A romantic time when the most scandlous thing on a magazine cover was a sailor kissing a nurse that he didn't know. Men were men. Men were gentlemen more specifically. And women were ladies. The pressure was on young people to be decent, respectable and modest.

Nowadays young girls are pressured to act like "video girls". You know, the half-naked girls in music videos bumping and grinding all over the nasty person singing. The less clothes the better. These days girls don't even know how to take a picture without trying to have a seductive look on their faces! I'm so tired of these little girls devaluing themselves like that! Let me say this...
I've said it a thousand times to my kids and I'll keep saying it until it sinks in... "Pick friends that you WANT TO BE LIKE because they're not going to rise to your level, you're going to sink to theirs!"....Man I hope they learn that lesson while the learning's good!