Baby it's cold outside

Well, it sure is good to be back!!! I know it's only been a few days but I have a chorus of "welcome back kotter" running through my head. LOL Not much is new actually. I've been really tired. And I mean REALLY tired! I have slept about 30 hours out of the last 48!!! I feel narcoleptic! I just couldn't stay awake for anything. But today I'm a little bit better. I don't know if my lupus was flaring up or what the problem was, but hopefully it's passing. I was afraid that maybe I was getting depressed again. I saw Scott yesterday at Drug Mart and thought that maybe that was enough to bother me, but no....I was tired and feeling crappy before then. So it's good to say that I survived that just fine! PROGRESS!!! :) I saw him, but he doesn't know that I did. I KNOW that he saw me. I didn't acknowledge him or even make eye contact though. I wanted it to be his idea or not at all. He didn't speak and so neither did I. I let him think that I didn't see him... and that he got off "SCOTT" free. LOL

I finished up my Christmas shopping. I have my elves back there wrapping gifts as we speak. I love having kids old enough to help! haha

The candles turned out FABULOUS!!! I've gotten nothing but raving reviews since making the first deliveries. They are amazing! I have a gingerbread and a cranberry burning right now and my house smells great. :) The only thing is that now I have even more people on my back to re-start the business in the spring!!!! Oh Soap & Pew...what did we get ourselves into???? :)
It's December in northern Ohio....cold & snowy. So I'm cacooned here in my home with my family where I love to be. (SNOW & COLD are are EVIL!!!) I'm drinking a cup of tea and the kids have hot chocolate. It's just a sweet day. It's good to be alive. :)