My babies

~"Amelia Bedelia Schmelia Pelia"~

My baby emmy girl! This is MY girl! She will come and curl up on my lap no matter what I'm doing. She crawls in bed with me, she touches my face and tells me how pretty she thinks I always am...and she will always be the one child of mine to tell me when she thinks my butt looks big too! haha She has to be the absolute funniest of all of my kids!!! :) She cracks me up. And not even because she's trying to be funny most of the time. lol She is just naturally funny! We all get alot of our "language", etc. from things she says and does. Like "bellytuppin"(belly button when she was tiny), "yesternight", "Back off turkey!!!" "I'm tidered", "I hate getting ready for bed! Going to bed is so stupid!!!"...just to name a few. Oh, and who could forget freezing in mid-action when she thinks someone is looking at her that she doesn't know???? HAHAHAHA For those of you who have never seen this hillarious act... all it takes is a waitress for example to walk up and start talking to her. She totally freezes right in mid-action, no matter what she's doing. She won't look, move, breathe....she thinks like an ostrich and if she doesn't move they can't see her. LOL She's so bashful that she doesn't even want to be seen. That's in public though. At home she's a totally different person.... she is a little ham! She's always "shaking her booty" or "breakin it down". She does a good job too! I have to say that unfortunately she's the only one of my kids who has ever had the nerve (or ignorance) to repeat bad words she's heard. LOL One day we were driving in the car when she was probably four and she yelled "this stupid sun won't stay out of my eyes and it's really starting to PISS ME OFF!!!!!" haha I know I shouldn't be laughing about that but I CRACKED UP! She was sooo serious! LOL The best thing about Amelia is that a few weeks ago... she got saved! She asked Jesus into her heart and was so excited I heard her dancing up and down the hall singing "you can't get me no more bad devil because Jesus is in my heart!!!" :)