Praying for my patients

A strange thing happened at work last night.... I HAD A WONDERFUL, PEACEFUL NIGHT AT WORK!!! LOL I only had three patients (compared to the normal 7-10 that I would normally have), they all pretty much slept through the night, didn't ring their call bells too often, etc., etc., etc. I managed to get my new Cosmo read in its entirety too. But you know what the best thing that happened last night was? God gave me the time to get back to basics; gave me time to meditate on what's important. I had one gentleman who's heart rate dips way down when he sleeps. I know that is his norm and that he stays totally asymptomatic.... BUT..... (LOL) I was sitting there with enough time on my hands to consider all the possiblities of what could go wrong. And on top of that he was in a room that is famous for having things go wrong when I have it... it's my jynxed room if you will. So I was watching him close, close, close. The thing is I also had enough time on my hands to sit there quiet enough that I could hear that still small voice that tends to get drowned out alot of the time. It reminded me that perhaps instead of just worrying about what can go wrong and interventions that could help to fix it..... perhaps I should just pray for my patient. Now don't get me wrong... I pray for my patients here and there, but mostly selfish prayers if I'm being honest. "Lord please let me have a good night at work tonight....please let them all be good!"lol But in the quiet of last night I sat in the nurses station and prayed for my patient, the man, the human, the soul and his heart. God has really been speaking to me about Psalm 46:10 where he commanded us to be still. "Be still, and know that I am God". Stop worrying, fretting, being anxious. Stop running to the phone instead of the throne. Stop trying to fix it by ourselves and of our own power. Sometimes we need to just get back to basics..... prayer and being still. By the way... my patient slept like a baby and woke up this morning feeling "just fine".