Hey Soapie remember this???

Allison is my oldest friend! We've shared so much together it's not even funny! Well, actually most of it is pretty funny looking back at it now! LOL We call each other "Soap".... don't ask! You won't understand anyways. This post is primarily for her..... I'm just gonna throw out some words, thoughts and phrases and see if they ring any bells. Feel free to add to the list Soapie!!! haha

John Algarin, "Round Up Sunday", I Love Lucy, My crush on Mr. Crabtree and yours on Wayne Spears (Mr. C. is still married & Wayne's rotting in prison... what's that say about us??? lol), exchangeable notebooks, "Allison Noel you get right back up there and wash that crap off of your face!!!!!", Ricky racoon and Terry bear, my green radio and pink phone, "BRAT!", Maziar Never-fart, SHUT UP MEGAN!!!!!!, belching"LUUUUUUUKCUUUUUUS", your mom pinching my butt! ('chicken butt!'), koolats and jean skirts, "Edy & Kevin 4-ever", layered and feathered hair, then.... curly perms, hot rollers and curling irons... i have 2 words for you: AQUA NET (ahhh the 80's!), "EWWWWWW!!! WHAT'S HE GONNA DO WITH THAT!?!?!?!?!" , but-ump-bump, and yes....I take full blame and responsibility for it and am here to publicly apologize to you my wonderful soapie-soap!!!! .... I kissed Wayne Spears in the basement of the Hearns house when we were babysitting on Valentines Day, 1987 when I knew that you were crazy in love with him!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible thing to do!!! LOL And I admit that I didn't stop even after I heard you stomp over and turn on the vacuum cleaner because you used to clean when you were angry!!! LOL All I can say is... he walked to drug mart and bought me a can of aqua net for valentines day.... he had my heart!!! HAHAHA (at least for a couple of days till I totally dumped him cause I never wanted to hurt my Soap! Not to mention the fact that he was a HORRIBLE kisser!!!Short-thick-tongue going twenty miles a min inside of your mouth....no finesse whatsoever! lol).

All I can say is... what if I had never met you? I'm so grateful that I did friend!