Friends (old & new)

Can you believe Wednesday is already over? This week is flying by! Today started off awesome. I got to go to brunch with an old friend. We sat there for probably 2 1/2 hours. Then I got to talk to a new friend this afternoon....I'm pretty intrigued with him. He's interesting. Tonight was church. I'm at a brand new church. I've only been there probably two months. I can't make it on Sunday mornings because of work but I've tried to always go Wed. nights. I have to say...the ladies that I've met in this Bible study class are awesome. I am really happy there and learn so much from them every week. What's funny is that this is a marriage class. LOL I ended up there by accident...the name of the class was "Dreams and Demands"...sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. So I'm sitting there, pay for my workbook and see that it says "The Intimate Marriage". CAN YOU IMAGINE THE LOOK ON MY FACE? hahaha I tried to tell them that I was in the wrong class but they wouldn't hear of it...they said that anyone could use this class, especially if they EVER planned on getting married again. You know what, they were right. God is using this to definitely heal alot of areas in my life and spirit. I still have so far to go! But God is faithful to heal and he certainly sent me an amazing bunch of girls to help me out with it. That's what makes (and always has made) this world go round....women helping women...and I am so blessed to have the friends in my life that I do. It seems that a different person is sent into your life at just the right time for a specific need. Some people move in and out of your life with such amazing know there can't be a coincidence. Some are to laugh with, some to cry with. Some to lift you up spiritually and some to give you some reality when you need it. There are some friends that are the reliable ones in your life and then others that you're the reliable one in their lives. And some friends...well, you do all kinds of things that are no good for either of you! It's that guilty-pleasure friend.... you kind of bring out the naughty in each other and know that to do better you should probably not hang out there often. At least I have a few of those. I'm sure I'm not the only one! lol But whatever their role in your life, each and every one serves their purpose when they are supposed to serve it. What kind of a friend am I to them? Am I being a good steward of the gift of their friendship? Am I an encourager? Am I being a good prayer warrior? Have I let them know recently enough that if the sky should fall on our heads that I love them and I'm grateful for the role that they have played in the drama of my life? I really hope I'm not their naughty friend that they need to stay away from! My love is a moving the ocean. And it crashes differently on every shore. I heard it described that way in a movie once and it is so true.