In God we trust, all others we virus scan

Man what a day!!!! It's been a major battle and I fought a good fight.... and it looks like I saved my computer!!! YEEHAW! LOL It's been just about a 24 hour system restore battle and I'm finally praying that I won.... fingers are crossed and I'm saying my prayers.

Other than that, my day was pretty uneventful (which can be AWESOME! lol). The kids' Halloween dance was tonight so that was the major them of the day. Computers and costumes... what a life. Courtney went as Napoleon Dynamite and Darren went as Pimp Daddy D. LOL He had a red velvet suit on with a big pimp hat and all the "bling" you can think of... so funny! Courtney looked hillarious!!! She does the best Napoleon impersonation of anyone I've ever seen. I went to goodwill and bought her a 70's brown polyester suit and tie and I got her a curly wig that we parted on the side and combed over. Got her some glasses like his. TOO FUNNY. I'm so grateful that I have such great kids. I always squeeze Amelia's face and say "how do you suppose out of all the kids in the whole world that I got the four best ones????" and she smiles and says "Cause Jesus picked us for you!!!" How cute is she??? She's being a hula girl (a very appropriate costume for freezing northern Ohio halloweens I know. lol) and Maddie's being a geisha.

You know what, it feels pretty good to be posting on a whole lot of nothing today! I've been going through so much lately and so much is still a work in progress that to have seen a problem start and then 24 hours later see victory and know (i mean hope) that it's resolved is a great feeling. It was actually a good distraction too. Today the computer had all the problems and the kids had all the excitement. I had to handle both... but it gave my brain plenty of time to just "be still".