Old love means never having to explain

It's really great to meet new people...and I've met some really awesome ones lately. But the last couple of days I've been doing some catching up with my old favorites and it has reminded me just how absolutely sweet it is to have old friends in my life. You know what I mean? The people that you can just sort of slip on like a favorite old sweater or a favorite pair of old sweat pants. They know your history and you know theirs. They know your stories, quirks, issues, and all of the little nuances of your life and heart. You can just pick up where you left off. There's no explaining to them, no having to reveal and rehash all of your history and old garbage.... they already know it all. They've been through the battles with you and are still there holding your face in their hands and smiling at you on the other side of the valley you just came through. Man that's awesome! God has given me the best of the best....Allison, Greg, Chelli, Joleen, Kristin, Don, Maribel....I LOVE YOU GUYS! You've listened to me babble on about boys, roll your eyes at me when I'm being stupid, held my hands when they were shaking, and cried with me when the waves of devastation seemed as if they were going to swallow my spirit. You've celebrated with me, rejoiced and praised with me, been way too naughty for our own good at times, and you have all at one time or another been Gods voice to me reminding me that I'm not all that bad or that it's all going to work out and be alright. I honor each of you....you've changed who I am by your presence in my life.

So while meeting new people is a wonderful thing.... old love means never having to explain.