Murphy's law

Man, I am a walking picture of Murphy's Law lately! I've been joking that I'm like a cosmic flystrip just hanging in the universe and all the drama and crap that flies by just gets stuck to me. LOL My friend Carl calls me a "freak-beacon" a loving way of course. ;) If there's something wrong at's gonna involve me somehow, even if I had nothing to do with it. Relationship? Done with. Finances right now? Don't ask. Family drama....check! I'm feeling beat up! OK LORD...I'M LISTENING! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE LEARNING RIGHT NOW??? LETS GET THE LEARNING DONE AND OVER WITH SO WE CAN MOVE PAST THIS!!! I don't mean to whine so much.... overall my life is pretty sweet. But it's a darn good thing I have a good sense of humor because it's almost laughable the way the pressure seems to be building up! Calgon take me away!!! LOL