Old friends


I've been taking this opportunity without the kids to really try to dive into this memoir I've been planning on attacking. I plan to only make it about the ten years or so when the evil one was in the picture and all the REALLY bad stuff happened. Of course, it's more than just about the bad stuff--it's about encouragement and triumph, depression and domestic violence--all the stuff that people (particularly women) need to hear about.
I have to admit that I've been taking my time getting to the evil one part. I'm undoubtedly procrastinating because I know that this is going to begin the REALLY ugly stuff and I'm not too excited to go rehashing all of that. The stuff that happened before him (and after him) was bad enough, but the during part was plain old hell, no two ways about it.
While writing my outline and jotting down a list of people who were in my life during the specific events, a few things were evident to me...one of which is that I hold onto people. Seriously, if you get close enough for me to allow you to be my friend and claim you as my inner circle, chances are you're not going anywhere after that. The people that I know well, I've known for years and still consider dear to me. And Greg? I think you're at the top of the list! I know that things have gotten a little off-kilter for us in the past few years, but especially right now with me having to go back and rehash everything that happened, you are the one who seems to be in every chapter; one of the few consistent threads in my inconsistent life.
You were the one to call and check up on me, the one to pick me up for church, the one to come and board up my front door after the evil one busted it down and went to jail, the one to flirt relentlessly with me and make me feel pretty again...you were even the first person besides my parents to let me drive their car when I was a teenager! You've always been there and I'm blessed to know that you still are. Thanks for taking care of me in little ways over the years...even if it meant simply buying yellow moon pies for snacks because you know I like them. It's rare to be able to say that you have a friend for as long as we have had each other. Thank you for still being around. I love you friend and I still pray for you regularly. I hope you're feeling better.
And p.s...
I know it won't change anything for people who know us well, but if you don't want your name in this book, you'd better pick a good alias for me to use because you're in it more than probably everyone but me! Maybe I could call you something like Seg Grabpree or something of the like? I'm sure no one would guess who you are then! :)


Greg said…
Perhaps he might enjoy it if you used his facebook user name that he stayed up till after midnight so he could grab it before anybody else! That way at least it could be of use somewhere! I'm sure "goldenheart" wouldn't mind!
Um, yeah but don't you think that if I used that name it would make it sound more like a "Braveheart" book? And um really Greg... GOLDENHEART? You sound like you should be a twelve year old girl loving on rainbows and unicorns! Maybe this attitude of mine is why you don't talk to me much lately? Love ya! :)
Greg said…
Nope! I love you "attitude" and all! Just seems like I sleep while you work and I'm working while you sleep! You have such a weird work schedule and days off, I amazed that you can even keep track of it!