My DVR right now

Tell me some good stuff y'all are DVR'ing right now!

As you know, I'm a reality tv junkie,

so that's mostly what mine is.

Here's what I'm watching right now:

  2. Wipeout
  3. HawthoRNe (Everyone is raving about this show and how good it is. I'm not digging it. It's SO unrealistic, although I applaud Hollywood for trying to make a show about nursing instead of doctoring.)
  4. Miami Social
  5. NYC Prep
  6. The Little Couple
  7. The View (I only ever watch the Hot Topics then delete it).
  8. Real World
  9. Charm School ( who do you want to win? I want Ashley to win only because I love her crazy butt. And I love the way she says "bitch" (it's like a throaty, gutteral sound like BETCH but stretched out long and low)
  10. Daisy of Love (I hope 12 pack wins)
  11. Kathy Griffin/My Life on the D-List
  12. Hammertime
  13. Kendra (over it though. she has the most irritating laugh, seriously)
  14. I Survived a Japanese Game Show
Yes, I know. My brain is rotting out with this stuff. :)