Friday Five

  1. I met my new neighbor just now. He seems like a really nice older gentleman. Unfortunately, he also looks like the kind of guy who will call on my nursing expertise all the time...and confirmed this at the end when he said, "well now I know I have a nurse right next door and don't have to bug the doctor so much." Yay.
  2. Talking to a couple of really great guys up at the pool...I thought. They seemed awesome until one of them said, "you have to come party with us! We're gonna do some blow and get loaded." Nice. NEXT!
  3. I miss my kids already. Although, my ass does feel a lot better when it doesn't have the big PAIN in it that comes with them being here.
  4. Trying to decide what to get Maddie & Amelia for their birthdays. I think I might get Maddie a cell phone and let her have the plan that used to be Courtney's. After the way Courtney acted and busted her phone, I don't think I'll be replacing hers any time soon.
  5. All the weight I lost? ha! SOOO gained back! And this morning I woke up to a whole tray of yummy pink cupcakes with cherry frosting that I apparently baked during an ambien moment last night. I HAVE to eat them right? I can't waste food with all those starving kids in China and whatnot. ;)