Friday Five

  1. Was good to see my kids for a week, but it was completely exhausting. The past few weeks was BRUTAL on me. Kid drama flowing from every direction and by the time they left, I could only think "MAMA NEEDS A COCKTAIL!"
  2. Because of that, I spent three days with My cousin Michelle & her husband Dewey and downed WAAAYYYYY too much white peach sangria. I always order it at Applebees and so I googled "how does applebees make their white peach sangria" and wrote down the recipe. THREE DAYS AND SEVERAL PITCHERS OF IT LATER.... I have successfully drank more than I have in the past few years and feel slightly more relaxed. Not as relaxed as Michelle though, as she passed out on top of her dog. lol
  3. Work is slightly better. I wouldn't say it's good. It's just work and it's manageable. Being an LTAC facility, there are certain benefits, such as you don't have to expect admissions coming in all night long. And if you manage to get the same people several times in a row, it makes your night easier (usually) because you know them and their routines...since these people are there FOREVER. On the flip side, these people are there FOREVER and so if you manage to get a pain in the ass one several times, it can shorten your life by at least a few years and add a lot more grey to your hair.
  4. I went to Trader Joe's last night, so last night and today I think I have successfully gained back any weight that I've lost lately. Damn that Trader Joe's and their delicious food! And snacks! I should've grabbed a couple bottles of their two-buck-chuck to make some more sangria, but I didn't because I am trying to be a good girl and thought constantly downing all that yummy goodness would start piling the pounds back instead I sit here downing chocolate raspberry sticks, chocolate mini meringues and green chili chicken burritos. Yeah, that's a wise decision.
  5. I have managed to completely lose the summer tan I had worked so hard to get. I'm back to being "Pimp Pasty" as my kids like to call me. Ooops, gotta run! The timer on the oven just went off and my next round of burritos are done!!! :)