Friday Five

  1. I'M BORED! Yep, that about sums it up. I need a life.
  2. I had a job interview Thursday that went SO GOOD! I'm super excited about it and can't wait to hear the official-official offer in a few days (they already told me I was being offered the job, but haven't gotten the official money offer yet). This will be perfect and honestly, I will have trouble sticking it out till the end of my contract at this other rat hole I'm in.
  3. I had a dream about my old friend Pepe the other day. Since then he's been on my mind in a heavy way and I wonder what he's up to.
  4. I'm OVER summer. So ready for the heat to go away. Bring on the fall!
  5. Miss my kids and am beginning to gear up for everyone to be coming home and getting back to "real" life & school. I have to be honest, I will miss the peace and quiet that I've had lately, but I will be VERY happy to have my girls back in the nest where they belong.